Patriot Partners

Patriot Partners is comprised of people who desire to help fulfill the mission of BCS ... to provide excellent academic instruction that is consistent with Biblical truth and which honors the name of Christ. This is accomplished as an investment in students, through prayer and financial support.

Excellent Christian education is expensive. This is especially true in a PK-12 school that strives to provide outstanding opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics, spiritual development and in the variety of activities that complete the educational experience. 

BCS wants to be a school comprising of students from all economic levels. In other words, the school seeks to make Bethesda Christian's tuition accessible to all who desire a Christian education. However, with a rising cost of living, school expenses continue to escalate year after year.

That's why BCS needs the support of Patriot Partners ... to provide a quality Christian education for our students and to provide support of the school's Financial Aid Fund. Monies contributed for financial aid are used to offset the amount of financial aid that is made available to those families who qualify through the recommendation of a third-party agency. Typically, the total financial aid need far exceeds the available funds in the Financial Aid Fund.

Your support of this important endeavor will help ensure more and more families can enjoy the critical benefits of a Christian education for their children.

How can I become a Patriot Partner?

Support for Bethesda Christian students can be provided through a one-time gift or through a commitment to give on a monthly or other regular basis during each school year. Checks may be made payable to Bethesda Christian Schools or you can pay online using our donate now option.  Appreciated securities, real estate or other items of value are also accepted.

If you would like to invest in our students by becoming a Patriot Partner, please contact Mr. David Stafford in the BCS Business Office at 317-858-2820.