Dear Friend,

This year, Bethesda Christian Schools will be running on a budget of $2.13 million dollars. BCS needs approximately 18% of this budgeted amount raised or donated to bridge the gap that tuition does not cover. We are so thankful that Bethesda Baptist Church generously subsidizes some of this need, but we still have much to accomplish through fundraising each year. 

Historically, Bethesda Christian School supporters have been very generous, while the school has been known to be excellent stewards of the money that is donated. We will continue to be trustworthy with your gift. We invite you to ask yourself how you can impact BCS and allow this school’s legacy to last another 50 years. Your partnership and investment is critical. What impact are you able to make to allow BCS students to not only continue to receive an excellent education, but also to expand and improve as the Lord provides?  We are confident that both you and the school will be blessed by your generosity and prayers!

To donate to the school through any of our fundraisers, please call me.

God Bless,

Beth Welch