At Bethesda Christian Schools we are extremely proud of our alumni!  Many of our alumni are now sending their children to BCS.  Please take the time to read the following comments from our alumni.

Overall, my experience at Bethesda was a very positive one. I would say that BCS did a great job of preparing me for college, as well as providing me with a strong biblical background. Specifically in the areas of Math and English, I feel that I got a good foundation which made the college-level classes seem like review. Also through the J-Term program at BCS, I got some practical real-world experience that helped me eventually decide to study computer science in college. Above all, BCS focuses on spiritual growth alongside academic growth. Now that I am at a secular university, I see how good I had it at BCS. BCS gave me a thorough Christian education and really challenged me in my faith.

Dexter Edwards
Class of 2015

Bethesda Christian Schools gave me some of the best years of my life. I attended BCS from 6th grade thru Graduation. BCS gave me friends that have been there for me to this day, special memories like coloring Mrs. Tidball's hair for Homecoming and Academy of Arts productions, and learning God's will and way for my life. Without this school, it's wonderful teachers and it's God fearing administration I do not know where I would be today.  So, thank you all for making BCS........RED HOT! Go Patriots!!

Tyne (Wilmot) Lyle
Class of 2002

The time I spent as a student at BCS provided a solid foundation academically for my higher education, while offering a strong environment for building a biblical worldview. The personal interaction by many of the teachers influenced my choice for my future and career. These faculty have gone from being teachers to lifelong mentors and friends. I thank God for BCS and the role it played in my life. 

Scott A. Bradley, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist
Eli Lilly & Company
BCS Class of 1993

As a student at BCS, I was constantly challenged to make my Faith stronger. Even though we were in a "Christian environment", as students we were taught to think critically and make choices to please the Lord. The teachers were genuinely interested in seeing me grow as a Christian. So much of what I learned at BCS is helping me teach and train my family today.

Joanna Bradley
BCS Class of 1994

Bethesda Christian School has long played an integral role in our lives. As students at Bethesda, David and I were taught the truth of God's Word daily by teachers who truly cared for us and prayed for us even long after we graduated. They taught us how to reflect Christ's love to young people, how to sacrifice and how to walk by faith. The spiritual foundation they laid prepared us to continue seeking God's face even as we navigated the bumpy road of secular university and life beyond the shelter of Bethesda. We thank God for leading us both back here where, as teachers at Bethesda, it is our hope that we might be able to help carry on the "good work" that was started in us. "Reaching hearts, teaching minds" is so much more than just a slogan at Bethesda--it is the goal of each teacher, principal and administrator, and we thank God for its resonance in our lives.

David Stafford, Director of Finance, Graduated 1987
Lori Stafford, Language Arts Teacher, Graduated 1989
Gillian Stafford, Current Jr. High School Student at Bethesda Christian School

I had an opportunity to be part of BCS since it's founding in 1974, attending as a sixth grader. From the moment I walked in to the school, I had teachers and coaches that I know cared not only about my academic and athletic achievements, but about my spiritual growth as well. After graduating in 1981, I have remained in contact with most of these teachers and coaches.

Not only did BCS prepare me for college, but they prepared me for life and ministry as well. My Bible teacher, Mike Wilhite, thoroughly prepared me for attending a liberal arts Bible College. There was little that was taught in my theology classes that weren't covered in my Theology I and II classes in high school. Mr. Wilhite also encouraged us, and gave us opportunity to attend ordination services which allowed me to be prepared for my eventual ordination.

John Beight
Class of 1981
Executive Director
Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center

The fine faculty and staff at BCS are committed to educating students, not just teaching subjects, and to developing the entire person intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually through an integration of Scripture from a Christian worldview into each classroom subject and school activity.

To anyone considering Bethesda Christian Schools, my experience as a student in the 1970s and alumnus who follows the school today encourages parents to enroll your children and teens at BCS to supplement your primary responsibility for training in the home. I greatly value the direction, foundation and motivation I received at BCHS to live for Christ and continue my education. The integration of Scripture into every discipline of study will help prepare your student to impact his/her world for Christ through any vocation they pursue. And encouraging relationships with classmates will endure over the years.

Kent Craig
1976 BCHS Graduate
ABWE Asia Area Director

My experience at Bethesda Christian Schools was positive from start to finish. I started at Bethesda in the 4th grade and stayed there until I graduated in 1991. Academically, I learned the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic very well. I also was able to participate in athletics each season and be involved in several dramas. I felt very adequately prepared for my university classes. However, even more than academically prepared, I felt morally and spiritually prepared as well. Bethesda had a significant part in that preparation.

To anyone considering Bethesda Christian Schools, I can say that you will be valued, loved and educated. You will be known and cared about personally, and you will develop relationships with students and staff members that will positively impact the rest of your life!

Noel Schaak
Asst. Head of School
Canyonville Christian Academy

To anyone considering Bethesda Christian Schools, I would say do it!!! I was fortunate to be able to attend Bethesda and so have all three of my children. The quality of the teachers and the education your children will receive is well worth it. For some it may stress your financial budget, but any sacrifices that must be taken far outweigh the type of benefits you reap from seeing your child mature into a well-educated young adult. They will not only have a quality education but they will also have had the opportunity to develop many qualities that we should all possess like love, honesty, integrity, kindness, mercy, self-control and faith. A faith that will prepare them to face whatever challenges they may encounter along life's path of learning and living.

Anita Tate
Class of 1978
Tate Automotive, Inc.

If you are considering Bethesda Christian Schools for your children, you must look at the positive spiritual impact that the faculty will have on your son or daughter for eternity. My children have also attended and graduated from BCS -- last one to graduate in two years.

Beth Faubion
Class of 1981

My time at Bethesda was life changing! Truly life changing! In that school is where my relationship with Jesus Christ began. Before coming to that school I had a dull life, but when I arrived there on my first day I could see the love of God working through people and I wanted it. My peers in the school lived a life truly devoted to Christ and it was something that I knew that I needed. The other blessing of Bethesda were the teachers that had invested their time and energy towards me. What I got out of Bethesda was more than a diploma and a high school education, I received Jesus Christ! And that truly changed my path for eternity.

Justin Olglesby
Class of 2009
68W (Combat Medic)
United States Army

While attending Bethesda I experienced for the first time the freedom of learning how Christ worked in every area of life. I was able to learn how music showed the existence of God, I was able to learn how writers in early literature showed how even in our greatest effort to understand reality apart from God, He is completely inescapable. Science allowed me to be able to discover the existence of God through creative design in Nature and even the structure of Math and the consistency of Physics showed the faithfulness of God. My Christian education experience helped me to solidify my relationship with God.

The spiritual component of the education was only one side of the coin, I was also taught early the expectation of quality work and the importance of dedication in my schoolwork. This training prepared me for the higher levels of education that I later would pursue including a bachelors degree, Masters of Divinity, and now a Doctorate. The early training of dedication and hard work paid off in teaching me how to live this out in all areas of life later.

To anyone considering Bethesda Christian Schools I would encourage you to pray and honestly seek the face of God to see if this might be His desire for your child's education. The smaller student to teacher ratio, the quality of the education and the emphasis of Christ in the classroom cannot be replicated by the public school system. If there is one thing you want your child to learn in education, it should be the importance of living fully as a disciple of Christ not to have the highest GPA, best Batting Average or the greatest sport scholarship. Serving Christ is the focus of Bethesda Christian Schools.

Jonathan Archer
Class of 1999