Preschool Electives

Extend your child’s love for learning with BCS’s Preschool Elective Program. Our elective program is tailored to fit specific interests beyond normal classroom learning. Elective classes are open to preschool and kindergarten students. Billing for elective classes is done separately from tuition. Contact our Preschool Director if you would like to enroll your child! 

Cooking with Kids: Students prepare 2 or more recipes highlighting the featured ingredient or country we are studying. Often, the students will prepare two dishes--one to eat in class and another to take home to share. Each session will be limited to a maximum of 4 to 6 students and meets once a month for 45 minutes. Multiple classes will be available based on enrollment.

Kindermusik @ Bethesda: Kindermusik’s ABC Music and Me class allows your child to explore instruments, movement, songs and imaginative play. Your child will get to sing, listen, pretend, experiment, play and dance. The class size will be limited to ten students. Students will receive a new music CD and magazine based on the theme of the month to continue the learning at home. Every other month, students will receive a new rhythm instrument. Kindermusik @Bethesda is taught by a licensed Kindermusik Educator. This class meets each Wednesday for 30 minutes. 

Karate: Karate sessions include martial arts but also focuses on fitness, stranger danger, anti-bullying, and life skills such as sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, etc. Students will receive a karate t-shirt and belt which will be worn to class. Karate classes are a partnership between BCS and Crouching Tigers in Indianapolis. This class meets weekly for 30 minutes. 

Dance: This is our newest elective class! Dance classes will incorporate tap, ballet, and creative movement. Dance classes are a partnership between BCS and Dance Unlimited. Lori Page, owner of Dance Unlimited, is the instructor. Dance meets each Tuesday for 30 minutes.