High School

High School Curriculum Overview

Biblical Integration: The integration of the Bible is critical in every classroom. The objective is to create and develop intellectually powerful leaders who glorify Christ in their personal lives, and challenge and change their community, region and in the world. This is accomplished by intentionally planning for opportunities to integrate the Truth of the Scripture with the subject content in each classroom. We believe that all Truth is God's truth, and the ability to critically think, evaluate and analyze content through the lens of scripture allows the student to not only become versed in the content of Biblical truth, but also in the application of it to their daily lives. This integration is fundamental to our mission as a school, and is essential to proper instruction.

BCS offers a wide variety of Bible courses that allow students to pursue their interests through a specific Biblical Curriculum. Missio Dei, Life of Christ, and Ministry and Leadership preparation are a few of the offerings for our students. Each year, an evaluation is conducted of our Bible Courses to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum in providing a foundational Biblical center for each student.

Indiana Standards: Each of these courses is guided by the Indiana Department of Education Standards, and these standards help shape our overall scope and sequence.

Advanced Placement: Bethesda is now offering Advanced Placement courses. These courses are designed to give students the opportunity for college level rigor with the secure foundation of a Biblical perspective. AP offerings include: Biology, Chemistry and Calculus, with more classes under development. Through these disciplines, students gain experience and exposure to their future education while also having the opportunity to earn an Academic Honors Diploma from the State of Indiana, test out of general education college courses and earn college credit.

Honors Courses: Honors courses prepare students for higher level learning. These courses have an increased GPA percentage, and the rigor is elevated in comparison to a normal Core 40 course. A few of the honors courses are Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Anatomy, Creative Writing and Calculus.

English: Every student has a minimum of four years of English instruction. BCS scores far exceed the average scores of the Public Schools on these ECA standardized tests. Students have the opportunity for elective credits in English through courses such as Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Speech and Advanced Composition. These offerings usually alternate throughout the years, in order to be able to give each student a chance to take these courses.

Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and AP Calculus, are offerings for each student with the math department.

Social Studies: The Social Studies department offers students the opportunity to take World History, US History, Government and Economics. Plans include offering AP US or European History in the future.

Foreign Language: The language department has recently added fourth year Spanish for advanced study.

Fine Arts: The Award Winning Fine Arts department allows students to gain experience in Choir, Band and Art, with advanced opportunities to excel through "invitation only" offerings such as Show Choir.

Physical Education: The Physical Education department not only offers the normal classes in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education requirements, but has also added an Advanced Physical Education course for athletes who desire to increase their strength and conditioning on a daily basis.